Polish Christmas meals

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Christmas is coming! I can’t wait.

It’s a very specific time when  everything is magic. The moment of the year when we spend our time with a whole family and everything is getting slowlier. The christmas tree with its nice forest smell and carols make us happy and reminds us our childhood, when Santa could make our dreams come true.

This one time in the year is soon, very soon.

We’re just beginning to plan our christmas gifts and meals to prepeare.

I make the christmas decorations with my son and next week we will make ‘pierniczki’ (gingerbread) so it will smell delicious in our home.

Xmas Eve at the Polish table

Here in Poland you can find many christmas meals that are grounded in our traditions.

When the first star falls we begin the Eve with a mushroom soup (zupa grzybowa) or a beetroot (barszcz czerwony). The choice is depend on a region.

My home joins both traditions from my husband’s family home with a mushroom soup and my own family home with a beetroot. I usually cook one of these soups. First year I prepeare his mushrooms and the second year my beetroot.

The main christmas meals are variations of fish, mushrooms and cabbage. Our most popular fish is carp in various dips, that is baked, fried or cooked. You can always find ‘pierogi’ (with cabbage and mushrooms),  ‘bigos’ and vegetable salad.

We have some sweets specially for this eve for example ‘kutia’ of weat, poppy seed and delicacies.

After all of these treats we can search the gifts from Santa Claus under the  christmas tree. It’s the time especially for children who are waiting impatienetly for them.


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