Where to rollerblade in Warsaw?

Warsaw has many places to skate. You can go on the sidewalks but if you want to do that in greenery I recommend you 4 parks but at rainy days you may go to the skate park.

Now let’s see

5 nice places to rollerblade

The most common for rollerblading parks are not exactly in the Center of Warsaw. You need to go there by bus, tram or tube if you live in the Center. But that’s worth it really.

Pole Mokotowskie

is a huge park not far from Metro Politechnika. There are many asphalt alleys very comfortable to rollerblade. This park is very known among rollerbladers.

If you’ll feel starving or want have a nice break you I recommend you going to one of the pubs Bolek or Lolek that are in this park.


Next friendly for rollerbladers park is

where you can try downhill or go relaxed through the red alleys around the huge hill. There’s one restaurant where you can rest and take a meal.

If you are in the Center of Warsaw you can choose the way for bikes and rollerbladers at the Wisła river.

Start at

Skwer Kahla

then go to the Warsaw’s Mermaid, near the statue go down where is the walking way and  a bike path.  The path runs along the river. When you turn left and go forward you may see the view at the Warsaw Old Town and further Warsaw Citadel that was built by Russian Tsars.

You also can go at the bridge Most Świetokrzyski and go along the river at the second site of Wisła.

If you want to go for a while choose

National Stadium

You should walk up the stairs and rollerblade around the stadium. It’s a good idea for speedbladers 🙂

Skate Park in the Center of Warsaw

When it’s raining it’s much better to skate inside. Skate park is very useful place for that and for having more fun when you need to make tricks.

The most known skate park is under National Stadium. It’s at -4 floor and paid 5 zł. You should enter at Al. Zieleniecka through reception for groups. Look at the map above.


Warsaw of course  has much more places but I presented most known and maybe best places to go.

I recommend to stay here for more time and explore Warsaw. It’s very interesting city to know.

Maybe you would like to know more activities to do in the City. Just go and see 5 not obvious things to do in Warsaw




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