Polish first Constitution

3rd day of May 1791

Poland enacted the main Government Act which in fact was the 3rd Constitution in the world and 2nd in Europe. That´s the reason of our national pride.

Manuscript of the Constitution of the 3rd May 1791.PNG

The text of the Constitution


In the picture painted by our famous painter Jan Matejko you can see the atmosphere of those days. In the center is  the Sejm (parliament) Marshal Stanisław Małachowski, who is wearing a white, French inspired costume. He holds in his left hand the marshal staff and in the other hand he raises the Constitution.










Those days Poland was ruled by the last our king Stanisław Poniatowski.

Stanisław Poniatowski – the last King of Poland



The Constitution was enacted in the Royal Palace in Warsaw .

Royal Palace

The main place where those event happened is the Royal Hall where Sejm and Senat met with King to adopt the Document which have been the most important sign of Polish independence and idea for years.


Royal Hall inside the Royal Palace







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