Piaseczno – little town near Warsaw

town hall


One day of short holiday I went to Piaseczno the little town not far from Warsaw.

The town is very old, first mentions are from XIII century, Piaseczno  gained its civic rights in 1429. It has traditional marketplace, a historic town-hall of the mid-19th century, a monumental line of the Piaseczno – Grójec Narrow-Gauge Railway launched in 1898.

I´ve spent there just a half day and haven´t seen everything so there’s more to see and visit than I show here. I think it’s interesting place to go for a day or two.

I saw the old town hall and old christian church established in XVI century. Piaseczno has little marketplace where are shops, cafes and galleries.

Not far from the center are other old and nice houses that show the history of the town like the house at the bottom. The building was built in 1924 and first was used as a city bath.


When you have more time you can go by an old Narrow-Gauge Railway that goes through Masovian countryside. The website is in Polish language, but you can write here for reservation turystyka@kolejka-piaseczno.pl or call 22 756-76-38, 22 756 75 67, 607 155 188. It´s open since  Monday till Friday  08:00 16:00 h.

Santa Ana’s parish church












statue of St. Jan Nepomucen at the back of church

built in 1924 as a city bath, currently it´s a preschool.




















You can go there by bus, train (TIMETABLE)  or car easy. The buses go from:

Metro Wilanowska by these buses

  • 709 – Metro Wilanowska – Stacja PKP w Piasecznie
  • 727 – Metro Wilanowska – Centrum Piaseczna – Głosków i Cmentarz Południowy w Antoninowie
  • 710 – Metro Wilanowska – Konstancin-Jeziorna – Piaseczno
  • 724 – Metro Wilanowska – Konstancin-Jeziorna – Piaseczno
  • 739 – Metro Wilanowska – Józefosław – Julianów – Piaseczno

or Aleja Krakowska

  • 807 – Al. Krakowska – Raszyn – Falenty – Janki – Sękocin – Magdalenka – Lesznowola – Stara Iwiczna – Piaseczno
  • 707 – Okęcie – Cmentarz Południowy w Antoninowie
  • 728 – Okęcie – Złotokłos


One of nicer parts of Piaseczno is Zalesie Gorne which was planned as a Garden City that is also worth to visit.

Where to stay if you want to spend here more time?






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