Garden City in the shape of a horseshoe- Podkowa Leśna

Podkowa Leśna lays about 30km at the southern west from Warsaw. It is a village of little houses surrounded by gardens, old trees and forests. You can go there by WKD train within 50mins, stay in Villa Krzysin and feel fresh air, spend nice time walking through the small streets and visit some nice places.


The history of Podkowa Leśna begun in 1925 when the landlord of these areas decided to sell his plots.

The concept of new town alluded to the idea of Garden City movement.

Podkowa Leśna was parceled to some parts. Each part has other group of names: one from birds, second from flowers, thirds from trees and the other one from animals.

The whole town is shaped as a horseshoe and the main idea was to leave the most nature as it is possible, so the must was building little family houses.

I’ll show here some my favorite  places.

One of them is the old Casino where, in the past, people went to dance and play together. Today it’s called Palace and it’s a place to promote culture of Masovian 3 Garden Cities – Milanówek, Podkowa Leśna and Brwinów.

Here’s nice cafe where children and pupils are warm welcome. And you can taste something special and a bit regional.

The Palace you can find in the middle of the City Park that lays along the track. It has nice atmosphere especially on summer where everything is colourful and warm.

The park looks more like the forest but has many routes you can walk. Here live many birds you will hear, in the season you may find berries and mushrooms.

The other place I recommend you is little church with large garden, where live animals such like pigeons, peacocks, ducks, parrots and turtles.

I don’t know if anywhere is any church like this.

People like to come here with children to see this nice church and its inhabitants. Nearby the church is good bookshop where you can buy some books about the village and cafe with the playground where you can eat something good if your starving. Your children will be very glad.

Walking through the streets you can see some nice places. Here are many good looking houses and magic places.

Podkowa Leśna organizes Open Gardens Festival that is the event when all guests and inhabitants are invited to gardens to see arts and handmade or other attracions prepared by residents of these gardens.

Just visit and fall in love in such a Garden City. 😉







When you have more time you can go to the forest. It’s the best place to cycling, jogging and rest.

Maybe you meet fast deers or little and harmless grass snake?

If you like horse riding, here are 2 stables. You can take a horse and go to these forests. Here are some routes special for such explorations.


Just try.


*  I hope I didn’t make many mistakes. All pictures are made by me and I hope you like it.





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