What to see in Warsaw with kids?

Widok na wieżowce z prawobrzeżnej Warszawy widziane nocą


I have a child so I often think what to do in a city where we spend our free time.  It’s sometimes not easy to find a good choice when you don’t know the place. I often go to Warsaw because it’s not far from us. I have some favourites and found some interesting places to see.

I’ll show you not only that places you will find everywhere, in every guidebook or website that tells you must  go to Royal Palace or Łazienki.  Visiting such places is boring for children. But you may attract Warsaw for them going to some places that they will really like and remember for a long time.

Here are

8 places to go with children


Centrum Nauki Kopernik (Copernicus Science Center)

where parents and children can see the science on their own eyes, and try to do some experiments or see energy show that explains how energy works and the power of Tesla’s trasformator that was great for my son. You can choose  labs where you see how our world works on biology, chemistry and phisics.

Last must see is mirrors

Mirrors are around us all our lives. They let us look at ourselves – to see our own faces, to discover what makes us look unique. But when looking at a reflective surface, we are also looking deep into the laws governing the universe, where symmetry plays an important role.


Historia chlebaMuzeum Chleba (Bread Museum)

show you the history and art of the baking  bread. The museum is run by a couple Pozorka, who collect memorabilia for a long time: all kinds of photographs, bakery machinery and equipment. Memorabillia are purchased at flea markets, on the Allegro and gave them by fellow bakers of Warsaw and the entire Poland.The official opening took place in 2000. The owners decided that tour will take place free of charge.

Muzeum Ziemi (Museum of the Earth)

You can go to the museum to see what scientists found about Polish earth and its minerals. It’s the proposal for school kids. About our visit you can read (in Polish) here

The last exhibition about the huge mammals of the Ice Age is very fascinating. Fragments of skeletons of mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis), preaurochs (Bison priscus) and reindeer (Rangifer tarandus). Complement the exhibition is exhibited in the second building of the museum giant deer skull (Megaloceros giganteus). Remains of the forest elephant, one of the world’s largest Elephantidae (Palaeoloxodon antiquus), whose skeleton was excavated during earthworks at one of the Warsaw streets, skull of the forest rhinoceros  (Dicerorhinus kirchbergensis), excavated from the Vistula in the area Siekierki (one of the 4 surviving in the world!); skull and bones of aurochs (Bos primigenius), species that has survived into historic times, and the last animal  fell in the Puszcza Jaktorowska in 1627.

Górka Szęśliwicka (Szczęśliwice Hill)


For skilovers it’s something special almost in the center of Warsaw –

You can take here your kids and ski throughout the year. On winter ski on the snow and at summer on mattings. There is a chairlift and a ski lift. If you feel bored skiing  use a gravitational queue. More about this place in other post .


Children love chocolate, don’t they?  You must go with them to

Manufaktura Czekolady

 (manufacture of chocolate) that is the only place in Poland where chocolate is hand-made directly from freshly-ground cocoa beans. From start to finish, the whole process takes place in the same plant.

And even more

it’s the place where you can make the chocolate on your own.

Another place where you can make own sweets is

Manufaktura Cukierków (manufacture of candy)

This is the first manufacture of candy in Warsaw, where it’s possible to see how to make the candy. Caramels and lolypops are formed on kids eyes. You can see about 40 flavours and designs.

The Manufacutre implements various ideas of its clients: special dedications, various shapes like cars, animals, flowers, cartoon heroes etc.

In 2008 it won 2nd place in the international  competition in Paris.

Oceanarium 3D

It’s placed in the National Stadium.


It’s the first project in the World which revive prehistoric sea creatures of the past.  You can feel there like you are in the prehistoric ocean.

The concept is based on the modern technology and the knowledge of paleontologists and show most interesting reconstructions of the animals that lived in the ocean depths since 350 till 1,50 mln years ago.


normal – 20pln

half-price – 17pln



And when you’d like to rest a bit but your kids don’t, just go to Hulakula on Powiśle, which is the largest entertainment centre in Warsaw.                                  

 In their offer are:

  • Clubbing events
  •  Bar and Restaurant
  •  Lunch – 17 PLN!
  • Bowling
  • Pool
  •  VIP rooms
  •  Climbing wall
  •  Play areas for children aged 2-12 years






2 thoughts on “What to see in Warsaw with kids?

  1. I really would like to know this city. I don’t have childrens, but there is interesting places to visit there. Great article! Greetings from Brazil!


    • Thank you for your comment. Brazil is far away, but now the World is getting tiny. Poland has much to give its guest if they really try to find something more than quick sight. 🙂


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