Polish tips to ask a way

saaaaHave you ever had problem when you felt lost abroad? How to ask a way when anyone you meet doesn’t know English? It’s really possible in Poland especially in small towns and villages.

If you really want to meet true Poland you need to know a little of Polish language. Asking a way is one of the topics you really will need 😉

So let’s start!

short talk can be like:

-Przepraszam, jak mogę dojść do…   (Excuse me, how can I go to…)


– Powinien Pan/Powinna Pani iść prosto, w lewo, w prawo (You should go forward, left, right)

or advanced:

  • Powienien Pan / Powinna Pani iść prosto 2 przecznice, potem skręcić w prawo koło policji. (You should go forward 2 cross streets then turn right near the Police). Pójść prosto do skrzyżowania, przejść przez skrzyżowanie i skręcić w prawo. (Go ahead till the cross road, pass the cross and turn right) Potem iść prosto do świateł. (Then go forward till traffic lights) Po lewej stronie będzie restauracja/hotel/ muzeum, którego Pan /Pani szuka (On the left will be a restaurant / hotel / museum which you are looking for)

In formal talks or when you meet somebody adult/ elder than you it’s polite to use these 2 forms:

*Pan – it’s like Sir

*Pani – it’s like Lady

We use name or you when talk to our friends and in informal talks.

Words you may need:

on the street





for any questions write below the post


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