Little trip Kozienice – Dobieszyn

We went today to Kozienice where my husband ran 5km at 5th Kozienicki Race. I didn’t take the camera so the pics are from my mobile. Now I am a bit angry at myself. But I didn’t imagine if there are something special to catch in the lens.


We discovered very nice place there, the long and thin lake surrounded by greenery, with the small beach and the place to swim.

Just look!

So nice! I’d like it could be closer to us.

At one hand I saw the far view of the landscape covered by the fields, some trees and the little round beach.

On the other side is the place to catch the warm sun and safe water to swim, further -trees and nature.

When I went down I found my favourite topic – sailboats, clouds and everything around bouncing in the mirror of water.

The Kozienice Lake you see above belongs to The Kozienice Centre of Culture and Recreation and it’s a part of the large complex where everyone can try various sports. More about this complex you can read on the Kozienice website

We spent there a very nice time – even if it was a half day.

During our way back we met the old wooden church from the first half of the 20th century.

I tried to catch a whole building with a panoramic option in my mobile because it was not so easy to find a good spot to make fine picture with the ordinary settings.


entrance – National, Marian and Vatican flags

high colour old style windows, the tower and larch wood make this church very charming

back of the church

The church is in the village called Dobieszyn.



There are more to see in Kozienice – for example the Palace from 18th century, and in Stromce is the great Neo-Gothic church built in 1905.

I hope I will see next time.



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