5 Garden Cities around Warsaw

Warsaw has many places to visit. You can explore the city more than a week and it’s always new to see and go. But around the capital you find also nice places where you take a break from the urban noise and visit interesting places where the past cross the contemporary times.

I recommend you visiting

5 Garden Cities around Warsaw

The garden city movement is a method of urban planning that was initiated in 1898 by Sir Ebenezer Howard (he wrote the book Garden Cities of To-morrow) in the United Kingdom.

The Polish Garden City Association was founded by Dr. Dobrzyński in 1909 in Warsaw.  Dr. Dobrzyński was a doctor hygienist from Płock and was a friend of Sir Howard. Poland was one of the countries belonging to The International Garden Cities and Town Planning Association which was formed in 1913.

The idea of Garden Cities movement expanded very quickly in Poland and many little garden villages grown around the main Polish cities. When you are in Warsaw see examples of Polish implementation of the concept.

First trip to Garden Cities you can go by car through A2 road or WKD train to 3 villages that are at the southern west of Warsaw.









Podkowa Leśna












At the second trip to the south from Warsaw visit 2 villages not far from Vistula and surrounded by Puszcza Chojnowska. You can go there by car or bus.








Zalesie Dolne









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