fell in love with the cat


That above is my lovely cat called Toffik. I found a kitty on one of the biggest streets of the town near me. He was 2 months than. Now he is almost 2 years old gentle cat who is so polite and pretty wise. He is half-out living cat. He always shows us at around 9 pm that he wants to go “to the party” 😀 and I call him to back home every morning with a “sqicky”  mouse. He always miauwing that he’s just coming. I always joke that he call  “I’m coming, I’m coming!” so I can hear him before I can see his sweet face.

He can open all doors in our house and he even tried to open the door to our frigde. There’s always something special 😉 .

We’re amused that he can be deap asleep but when I make a meat he always are in the kitchen in fractions of secunds and wait for his part. 😀  It’s amazing how can he smell and hear.

First picture shows how he loves books. The last one shows how he often sleeps.