Our bike trip – Masovia countryside


Our season for bike trips just begun.

It was long may weekend and my husband got an idea to go to the forest however not nearby our home but visit another one. Our small teem is: my husband, my 11 years old son and me. We are very compatible in cycling and every our voyage is a plesure.

We took the train to Żyrardów. We visited the city before for its old brick pre-war architecture  I love. For its history.

So we cought the train  where was lots of  bikes in almost each carriage and it wasn’t easy to get into with our three bikes.

When we got off the train we went to the forest nearby the city


and went across the wide forest way.

And we saw…


I had to take a picture.

We rode making huge slalom from one to another side of the wide sleety way.

After time we met a cross


The cross is  ordinary view on the way crosses in the polish countryside.  This cross is very austere.

Than we went off the forest and passed a small village when we met horses. They were as interested in us as we were them. All came to us to smell and take a bit of grass from our hands. Hello horses! How are you? 😉


Love these animals!

We left  the horses and went for another views and took an asphalt way which led us to the old useless mill. I think it’s pity that noone had any idea to use it as a cafe or another concept.


It’s a large wooden building and there are still machines inside.


We had there a meal at the river called Rawka. My son was glad to eat sweet ‘chałka’ and spicy ‘kabanos’ together which is strange connection.

After  break for the meal we took our bikes and went ahead.  We rode some time till we went  into the


My husband told us that it should be any nest of black stork somwhere here. Our map shown us that it is not far from us but we couldn’t find the nest. My son was a bit worry beacuse he loves birds.


We took another way and visit one amazing place. The home of beavers. We didn’t see them but everywhere was cut trunks and dams made by beavers.


It was awsome.

Now we could back home. The beavers home was at the bottom and we had to go to the top. My boys went by foot but I wanted to go by bike of course. I changed my derailleur and… it broke! Gosh!  We tried to fix it fast but it was impossible. I couldn’t spin the pedals.

My husband was angry for me… stupid blondy girl…

He got and idea to tug me on my blouse. I was afraid it’s dangerous as we went  busy road but we hadn’t other choice.

We had to back home anyway as it started to make late.

So… we went to Skierniewice. To the train station.



And came back home after 45 km of bike experience.

And now,  I’m going to take a new way to  other direction to catch new views nad maybe meet small animals of our beauty forests.


Hope I don’t make many mistakes. If you find some be free to correct me, please.

Maybe you want to go there one day.

The closest places to stay for a night you can find in   Żyrardów or Skierniewice.  You can easy go there by train from Warsaw.