Toys for babies

I’m learning names of toys for babies.

I found some on amazon that are the most useful. Most babies use it for fun.




toys for babies – zabawki dla dzieci

shape sorter – segregator kształtów

bath toys – zabawki do kąpieli

push toys – zabawki do pchania

teether – gryzak


I know there’s more names. If you would like you can write me ones so I make such pic with  them. I will be glad.


english-polish dictionary for moms and children – toys to the playground


I am still in the playground. The weather is last time good for fun in the sand. Children often take their toys or as it’s in our playground often find some toys in the sand.

I sometimes asked myself how english spoken children call their toys.

Here is the most important equipment of a happy child 😉  :


Must remember!