visit Poland


As you know I decided to write this blog to improve my English. I try here to show my lovely Poland, its language, heritage and places.

Poland is not only Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. It has much more to present since little countries, villages, towns till various landscapes like mountains, seaside and huge plains broken by rolling hills and magic lakes. We have the last wild forests in Europe where live wolves, aurochs, lynxes and many species of birds. At the seaside you can see moving dunes with the dancing wind but at the other side in the mountains feel the majesty of Nature.

Polish language has Slavic roots like Russian, Czech and Croatian. Its history in literature begun in medieval times, when the documents placed first Polish sentences  and names. But it’s much older. First literature whole written in Polish language set in XVI century by Mikołaj Rej and Jan Kochanowski.


MP 443; Matejko, Jan (1838-1893) (malarz); Bitwa pod Grunwaldem; 1878; olej; płótno; 426 x 987

Through ages Poland gave us many great people of whom we are proud till today. Our culture is very rich in art directions. Polish artists usually connected to European art but always gave little piece of themselves. The history of our country had great and dark times and is very exciting.

I would like to inspire you to explore.







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