pictures from my trip to UK

DSC00276 DSC00278 DSC00281 DSC00380 DSC00437 DSC00441 DSC00454

I have been in UK on June. It was an exciting experience. I loved especially small towns I’ve visited.

Many things are different from the obvious language till architecture. English houses are so tiny and cute . It’s possible you cannot find two the same houses in the town or arond.  I have lived in one of them. It’s one defect is it’s so cold. I have been almost frozen especially that this week was so chilly.

Tiny nostalgic cementaries  have smaller graves than you can see in  my country. We have rather tombs. There is minimalism that I liked.

The naming of houses is so awesome. Every house has poetic name like from books.  You can find such houses from midwars only in my country.

I was happy to meet horses  on my way.  Of course I had to stroke them.